19 December 2007

Unicef photo of the year

This picture just makes me feel sick. Melissa McEwan at Shakesville says all I would pretty much want to say. For me, this image, taken in Afghanistan and which has just won Unicef's photograph of the year, shows to me how far from success the Bush administration is in its supposed goals of spreading 'freedom' and 'liberty' globally. According to the Metro, 60 million girls every year are married whilst they are still children. How much more evidence do we need that Bush and his cronies do not give a shit about liberating people (perhaps especially women, given his stance on the Global Gag Rule), the only thing they care about is lining their own pockets.

One day, I hope that there are no more child brides, but I commend Unicef for once again bringing the world's attention to this very serious and distressing issue.

edited to add: the girl is 11 and the man is 40.

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