16 April 2008

Idiot of the day: Boris Johnson

No actual particular reason why I have said this today. This link on The F Word demonstrates what a nasty piece of work he really is. Don't let the bumbling buffoon act fool you.

A sample of some of the disgustingly offensive things he has said over the past few years:

Conservatives: ‘accept that material inequality is inevitable, and
that trouble comes from too zealous an attempt to change
this.’(Lend Me Your Ears p126)

‘We seem to have forgotten that societies need rich people,
even sickeningly rich people, and not just to provide jobs for
those who clean swimming pools and resurface tennis courts.’

‘When I shamble around the park in my running gear late at
night, and I come across that bunch of black kids, shrieking in
the spooky corner by the disused gents, I would love to
pretend that I don’t turn a hair…

If there is anyone reading
this who has never experienced the same disgraceful reflex,
then - well I just don’t believe you. It is common ground
among both right-wingers and left-wingers that racism is
“natural”, in that it seems to arise organically, in all
.’ (Lend Me Your Ears p210)

(taken from the F word)

1 comment:

Issa said...

lmao why is anyone surprised have we forgotten NR conservatism and Camerons ode to a ´hand up, not a hand out´, I also recall the Modern conservatives scarily echoing Thatchers ´Rolling back the frontiers of the state´ during my Politics Alevels studies.
Seriously,the fundamentall doctrine of conservatism and what distinguished it from liberalism and the like, is that it believes inequality is inevitable and natural. That men should have the freedom to be unequal.
They´ve always believed in heirachy and caste systems of sorts. As a biracial woman whos lived in the UK for 20yrs, I can´t understand why anyone would even bat an eyelid at this. Racism here is so covert, in fact I remember reading a newspaper -I forget which, along time ago- discussing if it´s even right to use the term racist or call something racism when it clearly is. If you thinks Boris is anasty piece of work, I hold the UK to much the same level.