21 April 2008

The Right to be Grumpy

Why do men think it is acceptable to shout things at women on streets? The other day, I was walking through Bath, and a Big Issue seller told a woman walking in front of me, who had, incidentally, very politely refused the magazine, to 'Cheer up, you might be quite pretty with a smile.' Why on earth did he think he had the right to say that? Any intentions I may have had of buying the magazine myself were instantly quashed; it is absolutely that woman's business why she was not smiling, and it was in no way his place to comment on her appearance in any way.

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Issa said...

Hi, I remember reading years ago on den of bitting beavers blog, she argued that street sexual harassment was an ´implicit threat of rape or violence´ im paraphrasing there, but still.
Men feel they have an entilement and ofcourse, they have privilage. A man would never say ´Cheer up luv´ to another man or to a woman walking with another man. Are we heading for a Taliban state where the only way to go out without fear is to be chaperoned by a male friend or relative.